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Hot Tubbing While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Written 01.28.22 By

Hot Tub Boats Team

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Hot Tubbing while Pregnant. Is it Safe?

Soaking yourself in a hot tub is the perfect way to start or end your day. The warm water is exactly what your body needs to relax its muscles. Since a hot tub can allow for more than one person in it, it's a great way to do it with your friends and family too. 

One of the most common questions we get at Hot Tub Boats is: is it safe for pregnant women to soak?

The short answer is yes, but with conditions!

We always advise consulting with a doctor before soaking in a hot tub if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Every body is different and your doctor knows your health better than us (at least we hope)!

Hot Tub vs. Hot Bath

Many of you might contemplate that since warm baths are perfectly safe for pregnant women, why not hot tubs? The reason is that hot tubs, sauna, or steam rooms constantly expose or immerse your body and do not allow it to release any heat. So for your body to cool down, your blood vessels widen which can make your blood pressure drop and your heart rate speed up too. Whereas, in a hot water shower that is not scalding your skin, one releases heat continuously making sure pregnant women are not at a risk of overheating. That is why the general consensus is that hot tubs must be used very carefully and for limited amounts of time by pregnant women.

Hot TubWater Temperature & Your Body

Your temperature rises when you're sitting in a hot tub that has water warmer than your body temperature. While pregnant, your core body temperature shouldn't go beyond 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit which is easy to happen if you sit in a hot tub with temperature of the water being 104 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 10 minutes. Therefore, it is imperative for you to be cautious about the temperature of your hot tub and the time you spend sitting in it. Especially in the first trimester when birth defects in brain and spinal cord called spina bifida are common because of high body temperature.

Hot tubs can cause hyperthermia which means having exceptionally high body temperature that can become a reason for miscarriages or other pregnancy complications. Studies have also shown that an elevated body temperature during early pregnancy months increases the risk of neural tube defects as well. While the results of these studies are mixed, it's best to consult your ob-gyn as a precaution before using hot tubs during your pregnancy.

How to Avoid Hot Tub Germs

Another concern attached with hot tub use by pregnant women could be the warm water in the tub breeding harmful bacteria. It is only through regular maintenance and cleaning that hot tubs can balance their water chemistry and make it healthy for use by pregnant women. While this is not a concern in our Hot Tub Boats, you might want to be extra careful in your hot tub at home. Some ways to ensure that the hot tub is clean and the water is balanced include-

-Sanitizing the hot tub water with chlorine or bromine daily and cleaning the filter every month to remove the debris and grime

- Keeping the power on to ensure filtration of spa water continuously and measuring the water's hardness regularly

-Testing and retesting the alkalinity and pH of the water to ensure its in the right range

- Measuring the chlorine or bromine level in water and adding more if required

All of the above measures can be taken if you're using your own hot tub at home. In case you are using a hot tub you haven't used before there is an increased risk of contracting infections. Therefore you must know everything about the hot tub before getting in to make sure it's safe. Some faqs that helps you know all the relevant information and make the right decision keeping your overall wellness in mind are:

-How many people usually use the hot tub?

-How often is the hot tub water replaced?

-Is the servicing done by an experienced service technician?

-Is the water tested daily using pool strips?

-How often is the hot tub filter replaced regularly?

-What is the temperature of the water kept at in the hot tub?

Hot Tub Boats, however, are exactly like your hot tubs at home but with a customized filtration system that ensures exceptionally clean water. With features that allow the tub to automatically pump out the water, Hot Tub Boats are easy to clean after each rental making it super safe from germs and bacteria for pregnant women. You can learn more about how we clean our boats here.

Is it Safe To Use Hot Tubs During Pregnancy?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a body temperature of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit and above can raise concerns in baby's development. For a healthy pregnancy ACOG also suggests that getting heated up in a hot tub is not safe and should be avoided. However, as per the Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS) a body temperature of 101 degrees Fahrenheit and above increases risk for a developing baby. While the specific degrees of body temperature vary, both organizations attest to hot tub use being a reason of concern for pregnant women.

Hot tubs, spas, and jacuzzis are usually factory programmed to maintain the temperature of the water to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In which, it does not take more than 10 minutes to raise the body temperature to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Tub Boats, however, is built with an onboard thermostat that can adjust the temperature of the hot tub to your needs. Our users have the ability to set it to a lower temperature of their choosing as well. Know more about our Hot Tub Boats here.

How to Reduce Risks of Using Hot Tub During Pregnancy

If you've completed the first trimester and wish to use a hot tub with your ob-gyn's approval, there are ways to reduce the risks of any kind and yet enjoy a good soak. Here's how to ensure you're safe:

- Do not use the hot tub for more than 10 minutes at once and ensure that you cool down plenty in between sessions

- Reprogram the hot tub and adjust the water to a lower temperature as approved by obstetrics

- Monitor the temperature of the hot tub as well as monitor your own temperature in order to avoid overheating

-Avoid sitting near the inlet or on the side of the water jets to ensure the temperature is slightly lower where you're sitting

-Refrain from submerging your head, arms, shoulder and upper chest in water, or sit in a manner where only the lower half of your body is in the water

-Get out of the tub immediately in case you feel any discomfort like nausea or dizziness and monitor your condition by checking your heart rate and blood pressure

- Do not use hot tub after a workout or when your body temperature is already high

So if under your doctor's consultation and by following the above instructions you wish to go in for a good soak in a hot tub, Hot Tub Boats is sure to give you a joyful and unforgettable experience. Click the "Book My Boat" button to reserve!

Safer Alternative To Hot Tubs During Pregnancy

A regular warm bath is always a great alternative to hot tubs, but remember to keep the temperature of the water warm and not hot.

You can even trade a good long hot tub session with a foot soak while sipping your tea or reading your favorite book. A foot soak in the hot tub is not just safe but also gives you a feeling of relaxation without any risks.

Is Hot Tub Boating Off-Limits During Pregnancy?

Our Hot Tub Boats are like hot tubs and jacuzzis you have at home, therefore all recommendations from health care experts fall in line with our boats too. However, our in-built onboard thermostat makes temperature control way easier than other hot tubs and can allow you to make sure the water is of the right temperature for you. Our customized filtration system also allows us to keep our boats and water clean, making it a safe choice for you.

Even if you can’t make it under doctor's supervision while pregnant, Hot Tub Boats will be waiting to give you the most memorable experience of exploring the most incredible sights around Lake Union in a hot tub postpartum. At Hot Tub Boats you can book your Hot Tub Boat Rental up to 1 year in advance. Aren't you thrilled to book already? Click the 'Book My Boat' button to reserve your boat and experience the fun!

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