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Date Ideas for Seattle

Written 10.24.21 By

Hot Tub Boats Rental Team

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It's exactly what the name sounds like — the perfect combination between a hot tub and a boat. Hot Tub Boats were first created back in 2011 for the purposes of enjoying a hot tub year-round. Rain or shine, they’ve been cruising around Lake Union ever since. (Here’s more about our story.

Booking, packages, and add-ons:

To book your Hot Tub Boat, first you’ll click our Book My Boat and choose a date and time. A quick note about timing: summer months are the busiest, so it’s a good idea to book 4-6 weeks ahead. In the winter, you’ll want to book 1-2 weeks in advance. You can choose any day of the week for your rental, and multiple time slots are available, ranging from morning to evening (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.) You’re able to pick from more options for extra relaxation and ambiance. Choose to have one, two, or three dozen rose petals added to the water. The epsom soak with various essential oils is also available for added calm. There’s also the date night package, which comes with the epsom soak, three dozen rose petals, and handcrafted, local artisan chocolates, making it the perfect date idea to really enhance the experience. Lastly, be sure to be prepared with a swimsuit, a towel, and a change of clothes!

Before you board:

When you first walk into the facility, you’ll be greeted by the welcoming atmosphere and staff. (The facility also has some string lights hanging up above the dock, which makes for a nice, intimate touch.) As a COVID precaution, you won't overlap with any other parties. You’ll have some time to use the changing rooms and restrooms. There’s also a neatly marked space for your party to store any belongings you want to leave behind. The boat will have already been cleaned and prepared beforehand, and any extras you’ve chosen will be added in. You’ll receive a quick tutorial and safety lesson, and then you’re out on the water!

Once you’re in the boat:


The water in the hot tub is heated to 104 degrees, so you’ll stay warm even in the rainy Seattle weather and in the colder months (it’s a very welcome contrast to the cool air.) The diesel heaters ensure the water stays at that temperature, so the warmth will last the entire ride. The boats come with a sizable storage compartment to keep any belongings you wish to bring on board both safe and dry. Safety is paramount at Hot Tub Boats, so six life jackets are stored onboard in a compartment, as well as a fire extinguisher, portable flotation device, first aid kit, and all of the boat's registration.

If you want to bring food and drink to really add to the experience, there’s also plenty of space for that! You’ll also be provided with a dry box to store items you’ll want easy access to, like a phone (to take lots of photos!) The boats also include a portable bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to music as you float — come prepared with a playlist! Although driving the boat might seem complicated at first, it's very simple. The hot tub boat is controlled via a joystick (similar to a video game console) and the boats go at a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour, so it’s easily steerable. Free to be your own tour guide and venture out into Lake Union (within the bounds of I-5 and Highway 99.) You’ll have two hours on the boat, so there’ll be plenty of time to relax, spend time with your date, and take in the views of the Emerald City. (Just a note: if two hours doesn’t feel like enough time, there is an option to rent the boat for three hours.)


Once you’re out on the waters of Lake Union, kick back, relax, and enjoy. When you first leave the dock and venture out into the water, seeing the surroundings in full can take you by surprise, especially with how expansive the views are. During the day, you'll see a clear view of some iconic Seattle landmarks like Gasworks Park and the Space Needle. If you're renting the boat in the summer, it's likely there will be calm, sunny skies (even if there isn't, not to worry — the sights are still fantastic even in rainy weather.) Depending on the time of your rental, you might even be able to catch the sunset over the city skyline. At night, oftentimes there will be fewer people out, so it feels like you have the lake to yourself — your own quiet spot in the middle of Seattle. (On a clear night, the moon might be out, further illuminating your views of the city and the lake.) You’ll be able to see the lights of the skyscrapers and their reflection glowing on the water, and float by the houseboats by the edge of the lake. The boats have plenty of space, and you’re able to move around and sit on the deck to cool off. The music from the Bluetooth speaker adds to the atmosphere, and the rose petals, epsom salts, and chocolates from the date night package help create the right mood. Looking at the Seattle skyline and lounging in the lake feels very calming — it’s a nice retreat of relaxation amid the commotion and liveliness of the city. All of these aspects come together to create an overall memorable and romantic experience on the lake, and the most unique way to experience Seattle.


As your soak winds down, you'll navigate the boat back to the facility. When you’re done with your time in the boat and it’s back in the dock, you’ll have a warm outdoor shower waiting, with an array of bath products on hand to use. Changing rooms are available to quickly change into dry clothes. When your time at Hot Tub Boats has finally come to an end, you’re welcome to go home, look back at all the photos and videos you took, and rave to your friends and family about the experience.

Other Romantic Things:

While you’re in the Seattle area, here are some other fun activities to pair with your Hot Tub Boats visit:

Spend an evening at Flatstick Pub

If you’re a fan of golf, Flatstick Pub is a great place to grab some food, craft beer, and play a round of mini-golf. They have locations in South Lake Union and Pioneer Square.

Go for a tour of Pike Place Market

A landmark of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, Pike Place Market is a great spot to grab lunch, browse some shops, and take in the views of Puget Sound. There's plenty to do here, and it'll surely make for an interesting date.

Go for a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel

Standing at a tall 175 feet, this is a perfect place to look out over the waterfront and see vibrant views of the skyscrapers (especially nice to see at night), the water and Mount Rainier in the distance.

Explore the nature of Seattle

If you and your significant other are nature lovers, Seattle has a number of parks and gardens perfect for exploring. Take a stroll around the Washington park arboretum to view some botanical gardens, or visit Kerry Park for a picnic and to see a nice viewpoint of Mount Rainier. For sights of the water and downtown Seattle, check out Gasworks (you might even be able to see some of the Hot Tub Boats on the lake!)

Eat your way through the city

Conduct your own food tour of Seattle. There's an endless amount of food and drink options, and it's a perfect way to spend an afternoon. If you're looking for something sweet, try Theo's Chocolate in Fremont. If breweries are more your style, there are some great locations in Ballard, including Urban Family Brewing Co. or Reuben's Brews. Also, Union Saloon (one of our community partners, has some amazing drinks and an incredible ambiance - just tell them that the Hot Tub Boats crew sent ya!

Take a seaplane tour

You've seen Seattle by boat, now see it by air! Take in a high-altitude view of the city, the water, and the mountain ranges. If you think you've already seen all of Seattle, think again.

Seattle Seaplanes is one of our community partners and they also have some of the nicest and most skilled pilots we have ever met.

Try out some of the coffee Seattle has to offer

Coffee is a hallmark of Seattle after all, and there's a multitude of coffee shops and cafes to try. Sampling the food and drink at various coffee shops makes for a fun way to spend the day. One of our favorite coffee spots east of the Cascades is Fremont Coffee, located just up the street from us.

Go wine-tasting

Similar to coffee shops, Seattle has plenty of urban wineries, and wine-tasting is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. Some places to try out are The Tasting Room and Structure Cellars.

Walk around some of the city’s museums

If you and your significant other are art and culture enthusiasts, be sure to visit the MoPop and the Seattle Art Museum, both of which have a variety of exhibitions showing throughout the year. If science is more your thing, check out the Pacific Science Center (another cool thing: they also have laser dome shows.) There's a lot of variety in Seattle's museums, so you're sure to find something that interests you.

Take a class and try something new

For those looking to learn a new skill, try some cooking classes or a glassblowing workshop. Some places that offer culinary classes are Cozymeal and Hot Stove Society. For glassblowing, Seattle Glassblowing Studio is a great place to try.

Catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island

A quick ferry ride away from Seattle lies Bainbridge Island, a small city with many shops, restaurants, and wineries, which makes for a fun way to spend a day trip. Who knows, maybe you'll see the famed orcas swimming next to the Ferry! (Another bonus: on the ferry you'll see some nice views of the waterfront and the Great Wheel.)

Book your boat:


Hot Tub Boats is the most unique way to see the scenery and plan a romantic date, for new and long-term couples alike. Although we’ve been over how Hot Tub Boats makes for a great date for two, that’s not the only scenario it’s perfect for. The boats fit up to six people, so it makes for an exciting double date, bachelorette party, or night out with a group of friends. If you really want to impress your Tinder match - then spend your first date with us. We will throw in the epsom salt for free! Whether you’re a Washington native or a visitor, Hot Tub Boats is the best way to experience the city. It's also an activity you can do no matter the season. Plus, spending some time cruising around Seattle in a hot tub boat sounds pretty relaxing, right?

We've already covered how simple it is to book the boat, but as a refresher: You'll choose your date and time on the booking page, as well as any add-ons. Everything you need to know (including some FAQs [link]) is on our website, and if you have any further questions feel free to email Once you've filled out the booking form and secured your hot tub boat rental, you’ll get an email confirming your time and date. We’ll see you there!

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