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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Bachelorette Party In Seattle

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Elijah Brown is a Sophomore at UW studying Finance and Information Systems, and a consultant for AMA.

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Whether you are on a weekend getaway to Seattle or exploring your own backyard, let us help you plan the perfect bachelorette party that you will never forget. This day will be full of the best bachelorette party ideas taking you and your closest friends all the way from West Seattle towards Capitol Hill, Fremont and Ballard. Seattle is known for its nightlife, food, history, and obviously its Hot Tub Boats - which makes it top of the list as far as Bachelorette party destinations.

So sit back and relax - we will take care of the party planning!


Morning in West Seattle

Every good bachelorette party should start with a picture perfect brunch, but since this isn’t just any bachelorette party your morning will start with brunch at Arthur’s in West Seattle. This chic, adventurous establishment will make you feel like a true Seattleite and is one of the favorites of the locals. Much like Hot Tub Boats, they are looking to change the game and be the best in their industry by bringing people together in the Seattle area. The atmosphere mimics a new age tasting room with accents that highlight some of the best parts of the Pacific Northwest. Their intricate, farm-to-table menu is made up of the freshest ingredients from local suppliers, such as farms and wineries, in the Seattle area. Whether you are in the mood for sweet ricotta pancakes or savory Dungeness crab Benedict, you can guarantee this will be the best start to your day especially if you pair your meal with Arthur’s real juice mimosas. After your quaint morning in West Seattle it’s time to head to the city. Whether you use an Uber, a party bus, or Seattle's reliable public transit system you and your party will now head to the Seacrest Ferry Dock. Hot Tub Boats will definitely be your best boat ride of the day but it will not be the first. Take the King County Water Taxi through the Puget Sound from West Seattle to the Downtown Terminal and to the next bachelorette destination. This mode of transportation will give you a breathtaking view of the city with Mount Rainier and the Space Needle in sight. From here you take on the next part of your bachelorette party in Downtown Seattle.

If you aren't looking to venture all the way out there (especially if the bridge is STILL closed), then a closer alternative is Unicorn in Capitol Hill. Their iconic mimosas cabaret is a can't miss musical experience!

Afternoon In Downtown

The bulk of your day will be spent surrounded by tall buildings and the unique character of Seattle that seamlessly combines the old with the new. Throughout your Seattle bachelorette party you will get to fully experience both! After your morning experiencing some of the new Seattle offers, it’s time to see some of the old. On your short but scenic walk from Pier 50 to your next stop take a quick detour through Pioneer Square to Pegasus Coffee for some caffeine and to experience a coffee staple for many Seattleites since 1979. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or just getting into it, Pegasus Coffee will be the perfect introduction to the coffee capital of the United States.

Pike Place Market

One of Seattle’s most iconic sites is your next stop and the next item on our list of Seattle bachelorette party ideas. Pike Place Market is Seattle’s oldest public market and it gives local businesses, farmers, and crafters an opportunity to display their work for locals and tourists. Take a walk around this historic landmark and make sure you catch a glimpse of some of the most quintessential sights, like fishmongers throwing 3 foot long fish across the market, Rachel the Piggy Bank, and the different unique vendors selling all sorts of little treats. While still reminiscing over breakfast you will begin to feel hunger setting in from all of the walking. Take some of our suggestions for the best quick bites at Pike Place Market. Piroshky Piroshky is the perfect place if you are looking for something easily portable but filled with flavor. These flakey buns come filled with savory ingredients, such as smoked salmon pate, spiced beef and onion, and chicken mushroom. With so many options to choose from these are perfect for an on the snack. Our next suggestion comes from a world-famous cheese maker and is an experience in itself. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese allows you to see the intricate process of making cheese while allowing you to experience some of its delicious products. They’re known for their creamy mac and cheese and their traditional grilled cheese that will give you the perfect cheese pull every time. Plus, you get to watch as their experts actually make the cheese!


Caption: Pike Place. A Seattle Icon. Credit.

Our last suggestion encompasses some of the PNW’s most popular ingredients and flavors and was born straight out of Seattle just like us! Pike Place Chowder is easy to spot because it almost always has a line out the door. If you can get here at a good time you definitely won’t want to miss the opportunity to try the New England Chowder or for an authentic experience the smoked salmon and seafood bisque which includes some of the freshest ingredients directly from the Puget Sound. As you head out of the Pike Place stop at the original Starbucks for an afternoon pick me up and see where the global brand changed the coffee game - kinda like how we changed the game for hot tubs, and well, boats!

Shopping In Belltown

Hopefully you came prepared with all of the right equipment for your the best part of your bachelorette party (aka a bathing suit) but if not, do not worry Seattle has you covered with its multitude of boutiques and stores. Not only is Seattle known for its Hot Tub Boats and coffee but it’s also known for its fashion and as the home of Nordstrom. Here and you can find exactly what you are looking for while also experiencing some of the more local clothing designers offering one of a kind pieces.

Dinner at a Speakeasy


Caption: The Deep Dive, A Modern Day Speakeasy. Credit.

As you near the end of your time in Downtown Seattle you will now experience the new Seattle has to offer. Dinner will take you toward South Lake Union where much of the innovation in Seattle takes place. As the title above gives away, for dinner you will be experiencing Deep Dive. A bar that is reminiscent of a 1920s speakeasy. This unique venue allows you to gain access into one of Seattle’s most famous modern landmarks, the Amazon Spheres. As you enter you will feel as though you have been transferred back in time but still recognize modern flares that makes Deep Dive stand out. They offer a thorough menu of different drinks from rich and sour to bold and complex. In addition, they have light eats that are perfect after a long day of food tasting.

Night in the Boats

After an event filled day taking you all the way from West Seattle to Lake Union, it is time to settle into the highlight of your bachelorette party. As soon as you walk through the door at Hot Tub Boats you will be greeted by a team of people excited to see you, an incredibly spacious yet intimate facility, and some incredibly luxurious amenities.

You will be guided to a hand-built floating hut, equipped with a changing room, restroom, and plenty of storage space to leave behind your party games and props! Our walls are lined with murals painted by local artists and there are custom touches in every nook and cranny of our facility. Before soaking, you will have the option of adding rose petals, epsom salts, or adding hand crafted chocolates from a local chocolatier to the experience.

From there you will be given everything you need to have the best time possible: bluetooth speakers, bottled waters, dry boxes for phones, and a quick tutorial on how to operate the boat! As you disembark from the dock you will maneuver a small joystick with ease through the water until you turn the corner and see the breathtaking view of the city at night with lights in every direction. From this view you will be able to see all of Seattle including the Space Needle and Gasworks Park. For the next two hours your Hot Tub Boat is your vessel to explore Lake Union.


Caption: A Hot Tub Boat, patiently awaiting your Bachelorette Party.

You can learn more about the experience, here.

After Soaking Activities

Okay, so if you are anything like us, after soaking in a Hot Tub Boat, you have reached an extreme state of nirvana and relaxation and you might just want to head home and call it a night. Seriously, nothing puts you in a state of bliss quite like a Hot Tub Boat. However, for you party animals, we know of a few after hours locations that might just cap off the night for you.


CAPTION: The Fremont Bridge. Credit.

Just a short walk away from our rental facility is Fremont. Fremont is known as the Center of the Universe - and no, it is not quite like the Fremont street in Las Vegas where bachelor parties go wrong. Fremont in Seattle is a quirky and fun neighborhood full of bars and other venues. You can try Addaball a 21+ arcade or stop at Schilling Cider (one of our community partners) and check out their house made cider.

To end your day, check out some of these local Airbnbs in Capitol Hill!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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