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Hot Tub Boats (45 of 49)

General Questions

  • Yes! please contact us for more information.

  • YES, this is real.

  • Right now! We are open all year, rain or shine.

  • Yes! You can make a reservation here.

  • The "Feds" say the hottest, maximum temperature for a hot tub is 104 degrees. So, that’s where we keep it!

  • Yes, the Hot Tub Boat is equipped with a small, diesel fired boiler to maintain the temperature of your choice. 

Operating Hot Tub Boats

  • You, your friend, your Aunt, your best friend's cousin's girlfriend - doesn't matter to us, as long as they are 18 and above!

  • No. Washington State Law only requires possession of a boaters’ education card for drivers of motorboats with engines greater than 15 horsepower and hot tub boats do not fall into this category.

  • Anyone aboard can steer with an easy-to-use joystick. You can drive while lounging in the hot tub or sitting on the deck.

  • No, driving hot tub boats is very easy! Especially after a quick tutorial from our friendly and approachable staff.

  • MAGIC! And the sleek design of a Hot Tub Boat allows for a high load capacity. Our hot tub boats have been carefully engineered, and the hot tubs are positioned on the boats' center of buoyancy, allowing for remarkable stability, even with 2500 pounds of water.

Hot Tub Boat Rental Information

  • Each boat holds six people total.

  • Unfortunately, no. We know this may be disappointing, however, please take a moment and look at it from our liability perspective. Besides, haven’t we always been told that drinking and hot tubs don’t mix?

  • Of course! Just remember, U.S. Coast Guard regulations require children 12 and under to wear life jackets on any boat at all times.

  • Unfortunately, no. Pets and Hot Tub Boats are not a good mix.

  • Yes! However, holiday rates apply and we recommend that you make your reservation as far in advance as possible.

  • Yes, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get anywhere near the stadium. The Montlake Cut is strictly off limits.

  • You are always welcome to swing by the facility and drop off members of your group before heading out onto Lake Union again!

  • Please wear appropriate swim attire, whatever that means to you. Refrain from nudity and keep your “important bits” covered. We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome on Lake Union.

  • You betcha!