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The Story


What do you get when you combine classic wooden boat know-how and wild, wishful thinking? A true one-of-a-kind vessel — the original Hot Tub Boat.


How It All Started

During the cold, wet winter of 2011, our founder Adam Karpenske was on his houseboat, longing for the warmth and comfort of a hot tub. Without room to install one in his home, he had the craziest idea...


Building a Hot Tub Boat

A professional wooden boat shipwright, Adam put his mind to work on crafting a hot tub that would stay nice and warm, within a sleek wooden boat. He drew up plans over the weekend and with the help of peers, lofted the hull over the following week. Next came planking, fiberglass skinning, and a float test. They had a working prototype for one heck of a party on New Year’s Eve. With some final touches, the first Hot Tub Boat was born.


What’s Happened Since

It’s been a wild ride! We moved to a beautiful new location, built more Hot Tub Boats, filmed a music video, raised thousands of dollars for local non-profits, offered a living wage and health insurance to our employees, and served thousands of happy customers. What’s next? We’d love to spread the joy of Hot Tub Boats around the globe.