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The Hot Tub Boat


Carefully crafted with playful elegance, the Hot Tub Boat is an innovative and charming invention. Every aspect of the boat was designed and built in Seattle with intention, from the sleek teak decking to the easy-to-use joystick navigation and onboard heating system. 


Boat Dimensions

The Hot Tub Boat was designed with comfort in mind. The boat itself is 16' in length and just over 6' in width. The tub is 8'x4'x2', making it a comfortable fit for anybody!

Weight Capacity

The Hot Tub Boat has a dry weight of 1800 lbs and the boat stores about 2500 lbs of water when filled. The Coast Guard has approved us for up to 6 people in our boats.


The Hot Tub Boat's design allows for a high load capacity. It has been carefully crafted, and the hot tub is positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy, allowing for remarkable stability, even with 2500 pounds of water.



Teak was natural choice for us when deciding how we wanted to finish the design of the boat. It's natural properties make it incredibly durable and resistant to wear and water. Plus, it's sleek aesthetic and timeless style keep a Hot Tub Boat looking fresh out of the shop years after construction.


If you've ever played Pacman, then chances are you are an expert Hot Tub Boater. The joystick on the starboard side of the boat gives the captain an ease of use and comfort knowing that they can handle anything that comes their way and allows for them to drive while soaking in the tub or sitting up on the aft deck. The electric motors top out at speeds of 5 M.P.H, so you do not need a Boater's License in order to drive a Hot Tub Boat!


The Hot Tub Boat is fixed with 2 diesel heaters that cycle continuously while the boat is on. The onboard thermostat allows for passengers to adjust the heat during warmer months, but keeps the tub at a toasty 104 degrees during the winter - allowing for Hot Tub Boating to be a year-round activity. 


The aft deck of the boat is fitted with a spacious storage compartment. There is room for life jackets, throwable PFDs, paddles, fire extinguishers, registration, a first aid kit, as well as coolers, bags, or any other items you need for to make your Hot Tub Boating experience extra special.

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LED Lighting

The Hot Tub Boat is built with 2 in-tub and 6 external underwater 890 lumens LED lights. At nighttime, the water you are soaking in and the water you are floating on can light up with an incredibly relaxing ambiance.

Temperature Control 

Each Hot Tub boat is built with an onboard thermostat so that the temperature can be adjusted as needed. While the federal government doesn't allow for the tub to exceed 104 degrees, users have the ability to set the temperature of the tub to their choosing.

Bluetooth Speakers

Each Hot Tub Boat is built with surround sound, 65-150 watt transducer style speakers.

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From design to build, each Hot Tub Boat is custom built by a crew of local, devoted shipwrights. Our in-house team handcrafts each aspect of the boat, from the molds and hull to laying the teak decking, Each boat is meticulously designed and engineered for premier relaxation, luxury, and adventure.

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