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The Hot Tub Boat


Hot Tub Boats are clever, charming innovations. Every aspect was designed, engineered and handcrafted in Seattle with intention — from simple joystick navigation that allows anyone to be captain, to our custom continuous heating system that keeps your water temperature a cozy 104 degrees.


• The boat is 16’ long and just over 6’ wide
• The tub is a roomy 8’x4’x2’
• Coast Guard-approved for up to 6 people

Hot Tub Boats (21 of 49)

• Beautiful, classic teak decking
• Easy-to-use joystick navigation
• Cleaned and refilled with fresh water after each rental
• Water stays a nice, warm 104 degrees
• Adjustable thermostat for your comfort
• Plenty of on-board storage plus a dry box for phones, etc.
• Surround-sound Bluetooth speakers
• LED lights in the hot tub and on the boat



From design to build, each Hot Tub Boat is custom built by a crew of local, devoted shipwrights. Our in-house team handcrafts each aspect of the boat, from the molds and hull to laying the teak decking, Each boat is meticulously designed and engineered for premier relaxation, luxury, and adventure.

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