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Soak in the Sea-nery of Lake Union!

Nestled between the Seattle skyline and Gasworks Park, Lake Union is where we got our start and the place we are proud to call home. We brought the first Hot Tub Boat into the world on this body of water back in 2011 and have been providing joy and unforgettable experiences ever since!

How It Works

If you are unfamiliar with the magical experience of Hot Tub Boating, then you might have a few questions. Understandable, it's not every day that you stumble upon such a unique way to experience the city. Hopefully, we can clear some things up for you. Each Hot Tub Boat is handcrafted in Seattle, WA by devoted shipwrights.

Our custom design allows for anybody with a valid ID to rent. This is because our custom engineered electric motors do not allow the boat to exceed 5 M.P.H. The Hot Tub Boat is navigated by joystick and is extremely easy to use. The teak decking is extremely stable, allowing for you to lounge on the decks when you please. The onboard, dry storage hatches allow for folks to bring out food or drink and each Hot Tub Boat rental also gets sent out with a waterproof bluetooth speaker.

As the captain, you decide where to go! Maybe you'll get your hot tub cruisin' underneath the I5 bridge into Portage Bay, or perhaps you'll head down to South Lake Union underneath the seaplanes, viewing the beautiful houseboats as you go by. Whatever you choose - you can't go wrong in a Hot Tub Boat!

Click the "Book My Boat" button to reserve!



A swimsuit is very important for a successful Hot Tub Boat experience. We have storage space and changing rooms on-site, so you can keep some clothes to change into at our facility during the experience.


Dry storage hatches are built into the boat and will protect any food that you decide to bring with you. These hatches are big enough to fit bags and coolers with no problem. However, you probably don't want to bring anything that is easy to spill, like soup and salsa. Also, and this is very important, no glass containers!


Each Hot Tub Boat comes equipped with a dry box for phones and valuables, as well as a Bluetooth speaker, so make sure you have your tunes ready to go.



Before you depart and when you return, we have one of Seattle's hidden gems, the Hot Tub Boats shower. With shampoos, conditioners, and body washes for all types of bodies and hair, you can experience luxury all over again. 


When you arrive for your rental, you will have a name tag at the lockers where you will store anything not going out onto the boat! Staff will also hold anything for you at the front desk.


The parking stalls at our location are free, 24/7.

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Looking for even deeper relaxation? Add some Epsom salt to your soak. Epsom salt helps relax muscles and relieve pain, not to mention they smell incredible!


Looking for a more romantic experience? You can add rose petals to your soak and take date night to a whole new level!


Forgot to pack a picnic? Don't worry, we have you covered. You can choose from an assortment of snacks, from savory to sweet at our facility!


Maybe you want a little bit of everything? Well, we can do that!



As soon as a boat returns, our hardworking staff gets to draining and cleaning the Hot Tub Boat. We use eco-friendly soaps to clean each boat and then re-fill with fresh water. 


Each Hot Tub Boat comes equipped with life jackets, a throwable flotation device, a paddle, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and a GPS tracking unit. Every member of our dockside rental team has their Boater Educator's License and is capable of responding to any emergency that may arise.



You can always check out our FAQ to learn more.


"This may have been the best Seattle adventure we have ever been on. The staff was very professional and helpful. There were changing rooms and storage for the items we didn't want to take on the boat. The boat had plenty of room for our cooler and they even provided waterproof containers for phones, keys, etc. The blue tooth speaker was perfect. The water stays warm and our float around Lake Union was incredible. The best way to see Seattle! Can't wait to go again!"

Grace V.

"What a great time. Everything you need. Great staff! The boat is so easy to drive. So cool being out on the water and soaking in a hot tub. If you’re thinking about doing it, just go for it. You won’t regret it!"

Dan P.

"This was a magical date. A beautiful sunset on the water in a hot tub! Very friendly staff with a fantastic outdoor shower after your trip completes. Absolutely the best way to see the city."

Allison H.

"This was an amazing experience! I loved our two hours on the hot tub boat. It was really easy to use and fun to see the sights of lake union from. They had dry boxes for our electronics and a storage place for other items. We were able to change and shower off on site after returning our boat. I thoroughly enjoyed our time on the boat and I am already thinking about when I can do this again!"

Robin C.

"We had the most relaxing and special day out on the water. This is such a unique way to see Seattle. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Small touches like having gorgeous shower products and a welcoming change area, really made this experience 10/10. We’d love to do it again!"

Jacklyn B.

The Fine Print

Booking & Payment:

Feel free to book your Hot Tub Boat Rental as soon as 15 hours prior online and up to 1 year in advance. You will NOT be charged at the time of booking - but we do require a credit card to put on file. 10 days out from your reservation, we will remind you of your booking via e-mail. We will charge that card a $150 deposit 7 days prior to your reservation. Rentals booked within this time period will be charged the $150 deposit the day after the booking is made. This rental deposit goes towards the total rental price.


Rentals canceled after the deposit is made are not subject to refund. Rentals canceled within the last 48 hours of their scheduled rental time will be charged the full amount of the scheduled rental. At Hot Tub Boat Rentals, we understand that, sometimes, life can get in the way. Therefore, we understand that extenuating circumstances are unavoidable and we try to be as accommodating and understanding as possible. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with an email.


Before renting a Hot Tub Boat, make sure to read the full list of rules and regulations.


Every passenger will need to fill our online waiver before departure. You can find the waiver in the link below. A link to this waiver will also be sent in the confirmation email the renter will receive after booking their boat. 

View Waivers.


Hot Tub Boat Rentals has one, limiting factor; weather. We can control quite a bit but, we can not control Mother Nature. We continually monitor the weather and if the wind is predicted to blow more than a force 4, greater than 16 kts, Hot Tub Boating becomes less fun. Our main goal is to get you out to ride on a Hot Tub Boat for a memorable, fun, and most importantly, safe experience. When winds are forecast to exceed safe/comfortable operating levels, we will email you the morning of your rental to keep you informed. We will push the limits and wait as long as possible, in hopes the wind lessens, before canceling your rental. Therefore, we must reserve the right to cancel reservations within two hours because of inclement weather conditions (high winds, lightning, hail, etc.)If we have to cancel for any reason, your deposit will be refunded or you will be rescheduled to another date.

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