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Community Partners


A big THANK YOU to the companies and organizations that make Seattle the amazing city it is!


Union Saloon

Founded by our dear friend Michelle Magidow, Union Saloon offers some of the best drink and fare in Seattle! Located in Wallingford, this local watering hole is a place where you can frequently find the Hot Tub Boats staff after work - or eating biscuits on Sunday mornings!


Lake Union Crew

LUC are ourliteral neighbors! Just East of us, we see these dedicated folks every morning, rain or shine, rowing the water of Lake Union. Aside from being involved in our community, this crew team is full of incredible people!


The Center for Wooden Boats

Hot Tub Boats' founder and creator Adam Karpenske learned to be a shipwright at CWB. He was a longtime volunteer and previous staff member before his Hot Tub Boating adventures. The CWB is a pillar of the Lake Union and greater boating community!

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Hotel 1000

Hotel 1000 is a luxury hotel located in the heart of downtown Seattle. Interestingly, they are famous for the incredible baths with views of Elliot Bay and the skyline, as well as their supreme hospitality. Hot Tub Boaters can also receive a 15% discount at Hotel 1000 when they are staying in Seattle. Contact us here for more information on this incredible deal.



We have gotten to know the many faces of this Seattle music scene staple over the last few years. Some of the best bands have practiced, recorded, or performed at this iconic institution of Seattle music. We often take a break from building our hot tub boats to stop and listen to the tunes emanating from their building.

Bristol Bay

Save Bristol Bay

The waterways of Lake Union Hot Tub Boats are the only reason we are in business. So when we see a cause dedicated to protecting our precious water and serving the ecosystems that sustain our way of life - we are in. Salmon are incredibly important to our livelihoods and culture here in Seattle. The Save Bristol Bay organization is spearheading the movement to stop the construction of Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is home to the world's largest Sockeye fishery. You can donate to their efforts here.


Save the Manatees

Manatees are a kind of our spirit animal here at Hot Tub Boats. As of now, we have donated over $250 to The Save The Manatee Organization from the proceeds raised by our sticker sales! The Save The Manatee Organization protects manatees and their aquatic habitat for future generations by aiding in the recovery and protection of manatees and their aquatic ecosystems throughout the world.


In August of 2020, we at Hot Tub Boats threw our first benefit concert to raise money for SMASH, a local non-profit that provides free and discounted health services to artists and musicians. We had such an amazing time with all of our sponsors and people that got involved, that we decided to do it again! Check out the videos below to see what each event held in store!