Yes, this is real.

Hot Tub Boats is an independent business started in the Seattle Metro area. Concept, design, build and execution have all been in-house by a small, devoted team of shipwrights.  We are committed to preserving our community, job growth and protecting our valuable and abundant waterways.

It all started during the cold, wet Seattle winter of 2012. Founder & creator of the Hot Tub Boat, Adam Karpenske, was aboard his house boat, desperate for the warmth and comfort that only a Hot Tub can provide. Without room to install a Hot Tub in his home he thought of a solution... 

The original Hot Tub Boat was not as glamorous as the one's that you see on the water today. Filling up an old dingy with piping Hot Water, Adam would have this boat towed, being forced to drain the water once it had gone cold.

This wasn't going to cut it.


He put his mind to work on how he could craft a vessel that would stay hot, while still maintaining a sleek style. He put his expertise to work, and over the last 6 years, the Hot Tub Boat has been refined and perfected. To learn how it works, click here.

Hot Tub Boats are available for rent and purchase. Due to our design and engineering, a valid driver's license is all that is required to rent out our boats. All of our boats are custom built, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Since our inception, Hot Tub Boats has worked closely with the United States Coast Guard to ensure we manufacture a high quality and safe boat. Our boats are carefully designed and meet the stringent U.S. Federal Regulations for Boat Builders. As a result, Hot Tub Boats are also in conformance with the European Recreational Craft Directive and we look forward to receiving the CE Mark in the near future.