Hot Tub Boats UW Promo

Soak in the Sea-Nery with Hot Tub Boats!

Hot Tub Boats is the premier way to see the city.

Navigate yourself around Lake Union, soaking in luxury and the comfort of the spa, all for cheaper than a night out!

Simply use the couponcode: GOHUSKIES for $50 off of your reservation!


Wait…. so how does it work?

The Hot Tub Boat is a concept born out of radical design. That design allows for you to enjoy 104 degree water, music from our bluetooth speakers, joystick navigation, and room for any food or drink that you would like to enjoy during your trip!

Best part?

All you need is a valid driver’s license to rent out the Hot Tub Boat!

So what are you waiting for?

Shake off the Seattle freeze in a way that you never imagined!