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How Does it Drive?

Hot Tub Boats are powered by electric motors, simply maneuvered by a single joystick on the starboard side of the boat. You can drive the Hot Tub Boat while lounging in the tub or sitting on the aft deck. 

How Does it stay Warm?

On board the Hot Tub Boat is a small, diesel fired boiler to maintain the temperature of your choice. 

A crew lounging in the Hot Tub Boat!

How Does it Stay Afloat?

The sleek design of a Hot Tub Boat allows for a high load capacity.  The Hot Tub Boat has been carefully engineered, and the hot tub is positioned on the boat’s center of buoyancy, allowing for remarkable stability, even with 2450 pounds of water.

or... MAGIC!

How can i get my hands on one?

Hot Tub Boat are available for rent and purchase.